Time Lapse Comics

This is old news, but it’s probably the closest to experimentation I’ve gotten with comics. This playlist contains all of “season two” from the Fabricari Video Podcast. I’m gonna do some test runs with the web-cam this weekend and see if I can’t get to drawin’ some live comics by next week.


5 responses to “Time Lapse Comics

  1. Hows about setting up that hypercomics ustream account? Should we do that?

  2. yes! What if we each tried to be on it one night a month. That way we’d have a “show” every week, but no really has to commit to too much.

    Steve, you should try out a Vimeo account to post videos. The quality is way better than YouTube. I’m trying to post in both places, since there’s two communities going on.

  3. Yeah, I think it would be cool to have a shared ustream account that we can rotate.

    I probably wouldn’t use youtube for that stuff, I just had it handy as quicktime files. I also uploaded them all on archive.org.

    That aside, the time-lapse days are behind me, and I’m looking forward to the live broadcasting again.

    If I get back to that place where I was drawing 4 evenings a week, I’ll probably have the cam running all the time – so it’d be easy to switch over to hypercomic’s stream.

  4. Man, I’d love to do something like a live stream but I’ve never been able to work out enough of a drawing schedule at home (most of my drawing is done portable-like)
    I do have a cam, though. I wouldn’t rule out participating.

  5. You can also get CamTwist: http://camtwist.en.softonic.com/mac
    to run a shot of your screen as the cam, for when you’re working in IC or photoshop, etc…

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