And Penguin’s got Steve covered

Steve wrote in the comments over here:

This feels a lot like google maps, that would make for a fascinating interface for a global comic

Well Penguin Book’s We Tell Stories Has got your back my man, here’s a story told through Google maps. Not a comic per se, but you could certainly argue that it’s composed with words and pictures.

Actually all of those Penguin stories are worthy of a bigger write up here, it seems… (At least we found plenty to talk about when they first came out!)


5 responses to “And Penguin’s got Steve covered

  1. Oh man! you beat me to it. I was just going to suggest this site.

    This article tells how you can get under the hood in Google maps

  2. Well, lordy, they durn near thunk of ever-thing, din’t thay? Hey, that is pretty cool, though.

  3. We’ve got to get some kind of database started that has links to all the comics (and the “comics”) that are out there.

    If we could cross reference with any reviews we write, that’d be cool too.

  4. Well, we can can tackle that in two ways, we can make a page similar to the “About” page above; a static page which we could add links and blurbs about the links to, as we find them.
    Or we could create a new category to post under, and blog mini reviews about each site within that.

    Which is easier?

  5. Easier to do or easier to browse?

    I vote a static page with permalinks to any reviews we might do.

    I’ll start collecting URLs, either way.

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