Grant’s Hypersketch

I got inspired by 48 Vignettes and I made a little hypersketch that I eventually want to put into flash.

Sorry it takes so long to show up.


5 responses to “Grant’s Hypersketch

  1. Interesting, Grant! I’d like to see this developed, ‘casue I’m not quite sure how it’d play out in Flash. For me, the panels seem to come up in front of the previous ones which make for interesting reading..

  2. I was going to use Flash to make the animations a little smoother. The reader would have to click to get to the next permutation of the story.

  3. Let’s see, that’s three possible hypercomics already, plus My Life in Records, plus music…
    Where do you find the time?

    This looks interesting so far. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!

  4. Well, it did take me about 14 months to get the palm tree comic to where it is now, so after the initial sketching, I can’t guarantee any follow thru.

    Plus I’m a teacher with summers off. We’ll see how productive I am when school starts up in a bit. 😛

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