Do I Get a Prize For Finishing First?

I had to hurry up and get this thing finished for a presentation to incoming grad students at UIUC.  Hope you like the inked and colored version!


3 responses to “Do I Get a Prize For Finishing First?

  1. i totaly dig it! for some reason im getting flash backs of “Old Man in the Sea”

  2. We all chipped in and got you….
    BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! (huzzah!)

    I love this. The colors really make it pop. Nice job there. My only criticism might be that some of the transition animations feel a little sluggish (mostly when you travel down a line of panels rather than rotating.
    Bang up job though!

    Man where’re the rest of us? Things are dead here lately.

  3. Yeah excellent comic Grant! If I had to come up with a crit, I’d agree with Tym that some of the animations could be stepped up by a second or so. But this is basically arbitrary.

    The colors are great, and the drawings too!

    and @ tym: Yeah sorry It’s been dead round here, i feel responsible. I’ve been way busy with our house and work, and I hear Steve’s been getting into his new job. So you and Grant are holding it down lately. I’m gonna start up a site design soon, so we can point the domain there, then get the blog attached. But it may be a week or so…

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