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Do I Get a Prize For Finishing First?

I had to hurry up and get this thing finished for a presentation to incoming grad students at UIUC.  Hope you like the inked and colored version!


so much for that plan…

I thought maybe I’d move back into making hypercomics by starting with some quick, non story-based experiments. Nothing too involved. I got the artwork for my first shot done in two days – all pencil work. Off to a good start. But when I finally put it all in Infinite Canvas, the thing looked like crap. The panel transitions were just clumsy. It didn’t gel.

So here I am redrawing the whole thing, putting on finishes, editing my transitions. This is, like, two weeks later.

For a fairly simple animated transition experiment.

With any luck, I’ll have it ready this weekend. I’ve officially spent too much time on this already. We’ll see if it’s worth it.


Maybe I’m just warming up…

Grant’s Hypersketch

I got inspired by 48 Vignettes and I made a little hypersketch that I eventually want to put into flash.

Sorry it takes so long to show up.

and you missed it…

Tried out the UStream earlier today, with some drawing and some photochopping. Not sure if it worked right. Nobody was there to watch anyway.

Still gotta put it all together in IC but I should have a comic soon.


Hyper Comic

Drew this while testing out the Hypercomics Webcast thingy. Still thinking through how to make hypercomics work for me with my pen on paper techniques.

Time Lapse Comics

This is old news, but it’s probably the closest to experimentation I’ve gotten with comics. This playlist contains all of “season two” from the Fabricari Video Podcast. I’m gonna do some test runs with the web-cam this weekend and see if I can’t get to drawin’ some live comics by next week.

Plunging In

Hey! I didn’t really want to be the first to post work up here, but I got so excited that I couldn’t help myself.

First, I’ve been working on this circular comic for about a year now and I finally got the pencils done for some of it. Neal inspired me to add little tangents and I gave that a try, so go check it out over here.

Next is a comic that I originally was going to do as a print accordion comic like my “mouse cheese cat” book.

I haven’t even finished mapping out the whole thing yet, but here’s the roughs for the print version below:

misunderstood minotaur rough draft

misunderstood minotaur rough draft

And here’s a link to a little bit of what I did with IC Viewer. . . Very very rough. . . eventually all the paths will loop back to some other place and poor Theseus will be perpetually lost in the maze.