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Grant’s Hypersketch

I got inspired by 48 Vignettes and I made a little hypersketch that I eventually want to put into flash.

Sorry it takes so long to show up.


Plunging In

Hey! I didn’t really want to be the first to post work up here, but I got so excited that I couldn’t help myself.

First, I’ve been working on this circular comic for about a year now and I finally got the pencils done for some of it. Neal inspired me to add little tangents and I gave that a try, so go check it out over here.

Next is a comic that I originally was going to do as a print accordion comic like my “mouse cheese cat” book.

I haven’t even finished mapping out the whole thing yet, but here’s the roughs for the print version below:

misunderstood minotaur rough draft

misunderstood minotaur rough draft

And here’s a link to a little bit of what I did with IC Viewer. . . Very very rough. . . eventually all the paths will loop back to some other place and poor Theseus will be perpetually lost in the maze.